Cinta Bridge at Tidung Island

Greater Tidung and Lesser Tidung Island were connected by a 2,5 kilometer bridge and called Cinta Bridge (Love Bridge). Cinta Bridge was merrely a wooden bridge, but since wood is a fragile material the bridge was reconstructed using a tougher and long lasting concrete base.

There’s myth about the bridge in which the couple who cross the bridge from lesser Tidung Island to Greater Tidung Island and vice versa will have an endless love. The myth also told us that those who jump off of the bridge into the sea will immediately find their true soul mates.

No wonder tourist always felt compelled to jump off of the bridge or simply take pictures on the bridge. Statistics even show that the bridge is a favourite spot to confess love, propose, or even conduct a prewedding photo session.

The view from Cinta Bridge at Tidung Island is indeed very beautiful an exotic notably during sunrise and sunset. Cinta Bridge was considered a successful icon in improving the popularity Tidung Island with it’s unique design, built over the sea.

Cinta Bridge was named after the local folktales surrounding the bridge after the bridge construction finished since many people who walk over the brigde ended up confessing their love for their crushes and eventually became couples. There have been hundred thousands or even milions of tourist visiting Tidung Island out of curiosity about Cinta Bridge at Tidung Island.