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Curry, which came from India, is a kind soup cuisine that cooked with various of spices and has a strong and deep flavour on it. 
The popularity of curry has spread through out the world's culinary treasures where each country has its own special type of curry that is tailored to the tastes of the people and the types of spices available in that country.

In Indonesia, there are various types of curry with all its variations. One of them is Pontianak Curry Rice. Pontianak Curry Rice, which has many variations, not only uses curry spices, but also uses soy sauce to sweeten the taste.
Nasi Kari Akiat Restaurant specializes in serving Pontianak-style curry rice in the Chinatown area of Pancoran Glodok before, then moving out to its current location, Jalan Krendang Raya No 44, West Jakarta.

The restaurant, which has been managed for generations, serves its legendary culinary delight, namely Nasi Kari Pontianak in the non-halal category, consisting of warm white rice topped with chunks of meat, chicken, prawns, lodeh, pickled cucumber and boiled egg cooked in soy sauce drizzled with curry sauce and soy sauce with a salty-sweet-savory taste that is very appetizing. There is also an additional menu of tub legs that are favored by many customers. Nasi Kari Akiat is one of the culinary destinations in the West Jakarta area that must be tried for non-halal food lovers. 
$$ Starting from Rp 40.000
Customer can pay via cash 

Every Monday - Saturday from 07.00 – 19.30 WIB

Parking facility and toilet

Address     : Krendang Raya No 44 RT 08 RW 01
Telephone  : +62 852-1705-0991