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  • 01-01-1970
  • 01-01-1970
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Campers will appreciate the opportunity to stay overnights on this miniscule uninhabited island. Semak Daun island has long been known among camping lovers. It is kind of a secluded place for a tropical hideaway but all within Jakarta’s city limits. Located far from any city lights, it is perfect for stargazing.
Semak Daun’s charms attract many visitors not only camping lovers. Its dense forest which is surrounded by white soft sandy beaches and turquoise waters is always a success to marvel everyone. The beauteous of the underwater landscape also resides here. You can gain exceptional experience when diving or snorkeling. You will spot its wide variety of species of marine biomes includes corals, fishes, sea urchins, sea stars, and algae.


Be always remember to not standing/step on the corals, littering the beach, or picking up any species for souvenirs. We always encourage visitors to respect mother nature when traveling, bear in mind to take only memories and leave only footprints, have a pleasant trip everyone!

- Camping
- Snorkeling or diving
- Fishing

The entrance ticket price is IDR 10,000/person

- Three lavatories
- A dock
- A well (brackish water)
- Paid freshwater (IDR 5,000/container)
There are no public boats from Muara Angke/Marine Ancol port that go directly to this island. You have to transit on Pramuka Island and rent a small boat to get there.
- Small boat rental prices: ± IDR 400,000/boat (round trip)
- Travel time: ± 30 minutes