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Sangga Buana CIty Park is an urban forest area on the banks of the Lebak Bulus River, South Jakarta. Managed by several farmer groups community, one of them is Babe Idin. The area of Sangga Buana City Park is around 120 hectares, it is divided into 3 cities, South Jakarta, Depok and South Tangerang. 
The community's will to make the environment clean and pleasing to be visited are shown by the action of cleaning the pesanggrahan river on daily basis, which was originally very dirty and a lot of garbage piles, until finally has a good waste management. 
Besides that, thanks to the persistence of this farmer group, they directly invite the people around Pesanggrahan River to become independent communities, most of them start to be independent and create their own businesses, some are raising livestock, opening fishing and becoming fish farmers.

The Sangga Buana City Forest is more of a place of conservation, education and nature-based tourism with many types of trees and also a variety of crops that can be harvested, such as coffee and red ginger. In this urban forest there is also a field to the right of the entrance. In the middle of this green field, there is a symbol of a blue globe surrounded by several wooden poles which is the icon of the Sangga Buana City Park. The meaning of this icon is that environmental sustainability is a pillar of life.

Here, you can also find traditional Betawi houses, which are used as libraries and prayer rooms and there is also a research laboratory.
The existing facilities in the Sangga Buana City Forest include a prayer room, jogging track, futsal field, fishing pond, playground, and organic garden where many of the products from this organic garden are also exported abroad, and a garbage processing facility 


- Jogging, walking around the park, cycling
- Participate in harvesting organic gardens
Free. There is no fee to enter the park area.
Open 24 hours, every day
- Toilet
- Gazebo
- Jogging and walking paths
- Park benches
- Islamic Prayer Room
- Library
- Research laboratory
- Futsal field
- Fishing pond
You can get to the location by using private or public vehicles. If you choose public transportation, you can use the MRT and get off at Lebak Bulus station, then continue by using Jak Lingko JAK.03 towards Pondok Labu and get off at Simpang Karang Tengah then walk towards Sangga Buana City Park