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  • 26-03-2021
  • 30-03-2021
  • Gedung Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan, No. 11, Jakarta Pusat.
  • Deddy Otara (0818-0886-5872) |
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100 Years of Usmar Ismail and Rempo Urip's Retrospect

The celebration of National Film Day in 2021 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Usmar Ismail. These two important events that took place in March 2021 are the right momentum to re-stage Usmar Ismail and national film figures.

National Film Day which is commemorated every March 30 cannot be separated from the work of Usmar Ismail. On March 30, 1950, Usmar Ismail as the director and producer of Perfini began shooting film with entitled "The Long March".

In the commemoration of Usmar Ismail's 2021 and 100 Years National Film Day, it will raise a number of topics regarding the great figure of Usmar Ismail and his contemporary film figure, Rempo Urip.
If Usmar Ismail founded Perfini, Rempo Urip, who was also a director, founded Persari with Djamaluddin Malik in 1951. One of the important historical records that Rempo Urip inscribed was the film work "Rodrigo de Villa". Rempo Urip became one of the first Indonesian color filmmakers through a film produced in Manila, Philippines, in 1952.

This celebration will be held for five (5) days,
Dates: March 26-30, 2021 (with a hybrid concept between offline and online)
Location of the event: National Library Building, Medan Merdeka Selatan Street No. 11 Jakarta.

This event was organized by Rempo Urip Family, H. Usmar Ismail Family Association, Omah Otara, Doro Institute.
Supported by the National Library of Indonesia, Kemendikbud RI, Pemprov DKI Jakarta (Disbud and Disparekraf) and PARFI.

For more information: Chairman of the Event Committee Deddy Otara (0818-0886-5872) or Deputy Chair of the Event Committee Setiadi Hartoko – H. Rempo Urip' Grandson ( 0888-0971-1997 ).