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  • 28-08-2020
  • 03-09-2020
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Hello Traveler!
Lutung Kasarung musical premiere tonight!
Don't forget to watching on Indonesia Kaya official youtube at 8 PM!
This musical collaboration with Boow Live, Indonesia Kaya, EKI Dance Company, and Kalyana Shira Films.
Directed by Rusdy Rukmarata and Nia Dinata.
Music director: Oni Krisnerwinto
Players: Gusty Pratama, Nala Amrytha, Ara Ajisiwi, Beyon Destiano, Yuliani Ho, Alip Purnomo, Kristanto, Refen Paryohanda, Sonachi Akko, Kurnia Dharma Surya, Komang Ariawan, Yudhi Fong
And many more of our friends are involved in this musical production.
Support Lutung Kasarung Musical, with WATCHING THE VIDEO, LIKE, and COMMENT on youtube!
This show until 3 September 2020. Don't miss it !
See you tonight at 8 pm!

Photo and Video Source: Official Instagram and youtube account Indonesia Kaya