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  • 17-07-2020
  • 17-07-2020
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After the big scale social limitations transition (PSBB transisi in Indonesian language) ends, what changes? Are there any new rules for tourism in Jakarta? What are the regulations in bars, theaters and malls like? And if cases continue to increase, can big scale social limitations (PSBB) be re-applied? Discussion program about tourism "Bicara Wisata" will answer it on July, 14 2020 ( 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm).
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1. Cucu Ahmad Kurnia, Head of Jakarta's Creative Economy & Tourism Office
2. Dian Sunardi Munaf, Director of CGV Indonesia
3. Farid Mardhiyanto, Founder of the Jakarta Good Guide
4. Jaclyn Halim, Leasing & Marketing Communications GM Senayan City
5. Yiyok T. Herlambang, Chairperson of Indonesia Museum Association (AMI) Jakarta
6. Debora Erliano Yuza, Assistant Marketing Manager of Biko Group