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  • 26-07-2020
  • 26-07-2020
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Explore Jakarta Crafts with Elemwe
Enliven your Sunday night with "Explore Craft Jakarta with Elemwe" ! Dom't forget there will be live shopping  from @elemwe.
Now JakArtisan can listen to an explanation of handicraft products, directly from the Jakarta Crafters and exhibited by Abang & None Jakarta (Jakarta Tourism Ambassador)  in the last week of each month.
Save the date, ok!
Sunday, July 26, 2020
At 7 pm
Live Instagram @dekranasdadkijakarta & @elemwe
Guided by Bang @dimascamelitto & Non @gerdoaldo
Don't miss it, hunt for the cool works of JakArtisan Jakarta Crafters. There is an interesting gift from ELEMWE for Jakarta with interesting questions!