Antique Market at Surabaya Street, Menteng

Antique Market at Surabaya Street, Menteng

This market is located in Surabaya streetNo.46, Menteng, Central Jakarta, about 1.5 miles southeast of Jalan Bundaran HI. This market was established in 1970, Occupying a 500-yard stretch on one side of Jalan Surabaya, the 202 shops along the line hawk antiques of all sorts. In this market we can find a lot of interesting, unique, and rare things. The price is varies from 5000 until millions of rupiahs, based on the uniqueness and the rareness of the goods. But don’t worry, we can do bargaining in this market. 

Antique Market at Surabaya Street opens everyday, from 8am until 5pm. The best time to visit this market is on the weekend in the afternoon, because the seller will give you cheaper price and extra discounts on weekend afternoon. 
For antiquarian or people who loves collecting antique goods, this market is really a paradise. Because you can find varies of antique goods with good price like Antique Lamps, old books, Telephone from the 70s, old cameras, porcelains, antique vinyls, paintings, accessories like glasses and watches, old games and toys from years ago and even antique coins. But if you’re not into buying antique goods, you can also enjoy this market just by walking around and also taking picture in a lot of ‘instagram worthy’ spots with antique goods in the background. 
How to get there:
Take the train and stop at Cikini Station, and then walk to Surabaya Antique Market.
Take the PPD Transjakarta Grogol-TU GAS or Patra Kuningan – TU GAS and stop on Surabaya street.
Take the Pengumpan Transjakarta Senen-Lebak Bulus and stop at Cikini Station bus stop


video source: Youtube Account KOMINFOTIK, Central Jakarta
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