Petak Sembilan

Petak sembilan

Located on Kemenangan Raya Street, Glodok, West Jakarta, Petak Sembilan Traditional Market has a market characteristic with Chinese ornament decorations. In Petak Sembilan, you can find a variety of worship equipment for Hindus and Buddhists such as lanterns, incense sticks, incense, jinzhi, Chinese New Year clothes and changshan. In addition to worship equipment. You can also buy cakes, snacks and sweets for your relatives' gifts on Chinese New Year.

The uniqueness that you can find in this market is the availability of "Swike" or frog meat. You can enjoy this Chinese culinary specialty at Tak Kie ice coffee shops, Cong Fan, Mipan, Kari Lam Gang Gloria, Bakmi Amoy and Shanghai salad. Petak Sembilan is also famous for selling alternative traditional medicine from China which is efficacious.

You can also find three temples in Petak Sembilan Chinatown complex, one of which is the Dharman Bakti Temple which was built in 1650 by a Chinese Lieutenant named Kwee Hoen and named Kwan Im Teng. This temple is the oldest temple in Jakarta.

How to Get There

Public Transportation
1. TransJakarta Bus (Tariff: IDR 3.500)

Take Transjakarta bus corridor 1 with route Blok M – Kota Station or Transjakarta Bus corridor 9B with route Pinang Ranti – Kota Station and get off at Glodok Station turun. Then walk away to Petak Sembilan Market

2. Mikrolet M08 (Tariff: IDR 4.000-IDR 6.000)
Take Mikrolet M08 with route Tanah Abang – Kota Tua Station and get off at Glodok Station then walk away to location.


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