Muara Baru Modern Fish Market


Muara Baru Modern Fish Market

Muara Baru Modern Fish Market located in North Jakarta was inaugurated by President Jokowi in March 2019. This 4 hectare market has become a new icon and pride for the Indonesian people which sells a wide variety of fresh marine products such as tuna, shrimp, squid, octopus and others.

This market carries a hygiene concept inspired by the Tsukiji Market in Japan. The front view of Muara Baru Modern Fish Market is like an office building with a contemporary modern concept. This is one of the attractions for visitors to go to the Muara Baru Modern Fish Market.
Interesting things that can be found at the Muara Baru Modern Fish Market

1. Foodcourt
You can feel a different sensation when eating seafood at Muara Baru Modern Fish Market. Visitors can immediately enjoy fresh seafood which can be selected by themselves according to taste then processed and made into a delicious meal.

Visitors choose fresh seafood on the 1st floor, then for the next step asking the seafood processing service on the 2nd floor to process fresh seafood into delicious meals. Don't worry because the price offered for the cooking process is very affordable. You can also enjoy the food directly at the food court. This place is recommended because the area is clean and comfortable.

2. Various Facilities Available
896 units of stalls for selling fresh fish are available at the Muara Baru Modern Fish Market, besides that, they are also equipped with 155 of maritime units, 2 units of ice flake machines with a capacity of 10 tons, a retail marketing area, a laboratory, a chilling room with a capacity of 30 tons, a loading and unloading area, packaging, ice and salt depots, and wastewater treatment plants (IPAL).
Management buildings, banking, information and education rooms, meeting rooms, warehouses, guard posts, and mosques are also available in this market. Don't miss the opportunity to visit and taste the delicious culinary of the Muara Baru Modern Fish Market!
Muara Baru Modern Fish Market is open every day from 5 pm to 12 am. Especially on Saturdays or Sundays the food court area is open early at 3 pm.

How To Get There
Public transportation
1. TransJakarta Bus (tariff: 3.500 IDR)
Take the TransJakarta Bus from the Senayan JCC Bus Stop Corridor 9 (Pinang Ranti-Pluit route). Then, get off at the TransJakarta Penjaringan Bus Stop. You can continue by taking online transportation to the Muara Baru Modern Fish Market (tariff: 13.000 - 20.000 IDR). The trip takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the location.

For more information, you can follow the official instagram of Muara Baru Modern Fish Market

Video source: Official Youtube account Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia