Sabira Island

Sabira Island
Sabira Island also known as Jakarta Taste Bugis, because most of residents came from Bugis, South Sulawesi.
The majority of residents work as fishermen. Their catch then processed into salted fish.
Sabira Island located in North Kepulauan Seribu District and has an area of ​​8.83 hectares.
The attraction of Sabira Island is natural beauty which is still maintained.
This island also has hawksbill sea turtle breeding and it's surrounded by mangroves that function to resist abrasion.
Dutch colonial era, this island known by the name Noord Watcher, which means Guard of the North.
Interesting Things Can Be Found on Sabira Island
1. Lighthouse of historical heritage
There is a historical lighthouse that was built during the reign of King Willem III in 1869 with a height of 48 meters and it's still functioning as a sign of sea traffic.
2. Flagship Fish Products
The majority of the people on this island work as fishermen, then their catch is processed by the Sabira Island resident. The advantage of this product it's sourced from fresh fish and without using chemicals in the process.
3. Snorkeling and fishing activities
This island is famous for fishing activity of Tenggiri Fish, because this island is the best location where the ecosystem still maintained. Besides that, snorkeling activity is also the right choice to spend time at Sabira Island.
How to Get There
Transportation can be reached via:
1. Marina Pier, Ancol (estimated tariff of 100,000 IDR-300,000 IDR)
The journey from Marina Pier, Ancol to Sabira Island takes at least 3-6 hours by speed boat.
Operating hours are 07.00 AM-04.00 PM
2. Muara Angke (estimated tariff of 74,000 IDR)
The trip uses Dishub boat and takes approximately 3 to 6 hours.
Operating hours: Every day at 09.00 WIB, 10.00 AM and 01.00 PM
Photo source: Yudie - Sudin Kominfotik Jakarta Thousand Islands

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