Onrust Island

Onrust Island

Traveling to enjoy the natural scenery while exploring the history of the colonial era in Jakarta, Onrust Island is the right choice!
Onrust island is a part of The Thousand Islands (officially Kepulauan Seribu) and located near Bidadari island. The name of the island comes from the Dutch word for "unrest," chosen because of how busy it was when the Dutch ruled what is now Jakarta.  Another source explains that it takes from the name of island-dweller Onrust 'Cornelis Van Derk Walck'who was Dutch descent.

Quick FactS
- Onrust Island which has 7,5 hectares, was formerly known as Kapal island because it became a transit point for Dutch ships before heading to Batavia.
- Onrust island is a historical island that has many of archaeological relics in the colonial era.

Interesting things to do on Onrust Island
You can still see historical buildings and colonial era relics such as Martello Fortress and the old harbor. One interesting thing to see when walking on the island of Onrust is the house that still stands and is used as the Onrust Archaeological Park Museum. It holds a variety of history of the colonial era. In addition, there is also a miniature onrust island.

The Onrust island is right choice to capture memories while enjoying the beauty of nature. You can document them through photos and videos against the backdrop of the colonial era with loved ones.

How to Get there
The only way to get there from Marina Pier, Ancol. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes by speed boat.
Estimated cost; 100.000 IDR – 300.000 IDR
Operating Hours: Every day, 07.00 a.m- 16.00 p.m

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