Kelor Island

Kelor Island

Want to relieve fatigue and touring to an island which is rich in history and not far from the city center? Kelor Island is the right choice. Kelor Island located about 1.8 km from Marina Pier, Ancol and takes approximately 1 hour by speed boat. Kelor Island also located neraby from several islands namely, Onrust Island and Bidadari Island.
The island was named Kelor Island because in ancient times, there were many Moringa trees that grew there. In addition, this island is also known as Kerkhof Island. In the 17th century, the VOC built Martello Fort and there was a shipyard to fight the enemy attacks. Although the island is only 28 hectares wide, it was an important defense base of that time. In addition, there are also historical, it's the graves of the Seven Ships. Kelor Island is now used as a cultural preservation because it is attached to colonial history.

Besides this island which is rich in historical tourism, this island also offers a beautiful panorama that can't be missed. White sand, clear water and clear air are suitable as a place to relieve fatigue and capture beautiful memory.

Interesting Things That Can Be Found on Kelor Island
1. Martello Fort
Kelor Island is a silent witness to the history of the Dutch occupation in ancient times. This island was used as a base for the Dutch defense to conquer enemy attacks.
In 1850, Martello Fort was built to support this activity. Martello Fort has a height of 12 meters and made from red brick with a shape resembling a circle.
2. Water tourism
Kelor Island is a paradise for those of you who like to do fishing activities, especially hunting Stone Grouper (Kerapu Batu in Indonesia language). In addition, other water sports activities such as swimming and traveling around the island by speedboat some activities that you can't be missed.
3. Beautiful Panorama
The white sand, the clear water and the remnants of historic buildings become an attraction that spoil the eyes for tourists who visit to Kelor Island. Beautiful panoramas offered, and it's suitable to use as a shooting spot.
How To Get There
Transportation can be reached via,
1. Marina Pier, Ancol (estimated price 100,000 IDR - 300,000 IDR)
The journey from Marina Pier, Ancol to Kelor Island takes about 1 hour by speed boat.
Operational schedule: Every day, 07.00 AM - 04.00 PM