Harapan Island

Harapan Island
In ancient times, the name of Harapan Island (Hope Island in English) came from residents fleeing colonialism. At that time Harapan Island was still a bush island, and residents who lived there hope to start a new life from the island which is located quite far from the city center.
Now Harapan Island is growing more fast than before. Besides being a resident island, Harapan Island is also used as a tourist destination.
Harapan Island located in the north and it's 60 km from the mainland of Jakarta. Surrounded by several resort islands, this island can be reached in about 1.5 hours from Pier Marina, Ancol using a speed boat and 2-4 hours using a traditional boat.
Underwater paradise is an attraction for tourists who visit there. In addition, this island is very interesting as a photo spot and enjoying the sunset.

So plan your trip to Harapan Island right now!
Interesting Things Can Be Found on Harapan Island

1. Variety Lodging, Classy or Homestay
Lodging on Harapan Island can be chosen by tourists with adjusting the budget. Harapan Island is classified as a resident island, so many people who lived in Harapan Island manage homestay accommodation with a minimal budget. Apart from that, classy accommodation facilities are also available on Harapan Island.
2. Snorkeling and Diving Spot
Harapan Island has a paradise under the sea and clear water. highly recommended to explore. This island is also classified as a conservation island, so that marine ecosystem on Harapan Island is very well maintained.
3. Traveling around the island using traditional boats
Traveling around the island using traditional boats is a must that can't be missed. Mainstay islands that can be visited include Besar Island, Perak Island and Bulat Island. In addition, Harapan Island also has other potentials that are developed in a sustainable manner, it's marine fish farming and conservation of mangrove forests.

How to Reach Location
Transportation can be reached via,
1. Marina Pier, Ancol (estimated price 100,000 IDR - 300,000.00 IDR)
The journey from Marina Pier, Ancol to Harapan Island takes approximately 1.5 hours using a speed boat.
Operational schedule: Every day, 07.00 AM - 16.00 PM
2. Kali Adem Harbor (estimated price: 54,000,000 IDR)
The trip using a traditional boat takes about 2 to 4 hours.
3. Muara Angke
The trip using a traditional boat takes about 2 to 4 hours.
Operational schedule: Monday-Friday at 08.00 AM