Glodok Market

Pasar Glodok

The Glodok area was built by the VOC in the 17th century, which functioned to place the Chinese community in one area (the place of Isolation of the Chinese) which is now known as Chinatown (the area around the Dharma Bhakti Temple).
Now, Glodok is one of the district located in Taman Sari, West Jakarta. Since the reign of the Dutch East Indies, this area is also known as the largest Chinatown in Batavia.
According to Zaenuddin HM in his book "
212 Asal-Usul Djakarta Tempo Doeloe" Glodok comes from the word "Grojok", because in the Dutch Age there was a large shower which when it rained out of water with the sound "Grojok-grojok." Then by residents around the sound was pronounced with said Glodok, another version said that the word Glodok was taken from the name of a bridge that crosses Ciliwung River, The Glodok River Bridge.
In the 1970s, the Glodok area was the center of electronic goods, the top of mind for anyone looking for electronic goods. But unfortunately, Glodok decrease prestige. It' isn't only about electronic goods, there are many interesting things around that can be explored. Glodok covers 3 main areas namely Petak Sembilan  Street which is the biggest Chinatown in Jakarta, Gloria Gang, and Pancoran Street which all provide a variety of both halal and non-halal culinary delights.
Beside culinary,we can find historic buildings in Glodok, such as:
1.  Dharma Bakti Temple, built in 1650 by Kwee Hoen. Now this temple organize with Kong Koan or Tionghoa Comittee.
 Santa Maria De Fatima Church, 
at first glance this building is more like a temple (a place of worship for Confucians). Church of Santa Maria de Fatima, gives mass in two languages, Indonesian and Mandarin.
3. Pantjoran Tea House, built in 1635. There is "Patekoan" tradition in this place which is giving a free tea to others if they want to try.
4. Candra Naya House, located in 
a superblock hotel and luxury apartment on Gajah Mada Street Number 188, West Jakarta. It was originally the home of Mayor Khouw Kim An (leader of the Chinese community in the Dutch East Indies era). Candra Naya is a representative of Tarumanegara University, Sumber Waras Hospital, and Husada Hospital.

How Can Get There :
1. Transjakarta Bus (Tariff: IDR 3500)
Take TransJakarta Bus from Blok M Station to Kota (Corridor 1). Then get off at Glodok Station.



Photo souce: @baihaqi_eqii