Barito Pet Market

Barito Pet Market

By raising animals, it makes us feel like we have friends when we are at home.

In Jakarta, there is also a market to buy the pet that you want, and it's Barito Market. It located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This place can also be seen directly by passing vehicles.

For those of you who like caring for animals, You have to visit the Barito Market, because there are various kinds of quality pets that you can see.

One of the nice things, you can do an offer with the seller. In addition, there are also available feed, cages and some accessories for pets.

Transportation to Barito Pet Market:
- Public Transportation: TransJakarta
Take Transjakarta From The National Monument (MONAS) Bus Stop to Blok M (Corridor 1), Then stop at Blok M Bus Stop. After that you can use Online transportation to location.


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