TransJakarta Bus

TransJakarta is the public bus rapid transport system that serves several routes to most parts of the capital city in strategic locations. Run through 13 corridors 24 hours a day (several corridors), passing the popular landmarks in the city, including Kota Tua, Taman Mini, Blok M, and the Central Business District. 
Transjakarta serves more than 260 bus stops, there are also provide special women-only buss with coloured entirely in pink. Staff are available at each station to assist passengers.
This is the cheapest public transportation in Jakarta! is only needed Rp. 3,500 for the entire corridor, passengers who wish to change direction or transit to other corridors do not need to pay again, as long as they do not exit the shelter. Additionally, these busses are free from any uninvited ‘pengamen’ (who would sing in the bus and eventually beg for money) and hawkers trying to sell children’s toys and snacks. 
Most buses run from 5am to 10pm and are often very crowded. Also during rush hour, some vehicles are diverted onto the busways, which clogs progress.
There are seven 24-hour bus services – koridor 1, 9, 3, 2, 5, 8 and 10. Their frequency is between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, traffic permitting.
Schedules vary greatly – it's best to leave extra time for every journey. Buses very rarely run to schedule, due to traffic. Passengers may have to make transits to switch corridors, so make sure you study your route beforehand and make the right stops.
You can also check the availability and real-time schedule of TransJakarta buses with the Trafi app.

How to buy the ticket?
The Transjakarta ticketing system since 2013 uses electronic cards (e-ticketing), instead of cash. Corridor operators do not issue these cards, prepaid cards issued by banks. These banks are Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRIZZI), Bank Central Asia (Flazz), Bank Negara Indonesia (Tapcash, I Card, and Rail Card), Bank Mandiri (e-money, e-Toll Card, Indomaret Card, and GazCard), Bank DKI (JakCard), and Bank Mega MegaCash.
Ticket transactions by Tap In at Barrier Gate when entering the bus shelter. Customers also need to tap out when leaving it. Electronic money balances will only be deducted when Tap In (enter the shelter).

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