One of the most convenient and comfortable ways to get around in Jakarta is taxis. The city has reliable taxi transportation and it can be easily grabbed them off the street or at public places such as the airport, malls, hotels,  hospitals, and entertainment centers. The most reliable, safe and populer taxi companies are Blue Bird and Express. Blue Bird has the fare may be slightly higher than other taxis.
Both taxi operators are pretty ubiquitous on the streets in Jakarta, you can also book premium taxis (Mercedes and Alphard) and larger vans through their website.
Payment via applications is also available, Bluebird recently collaborated with online transportation service, GO-JEK to provide taxi cab service with online standard fares. One thing to note: it is surely not the fastest way to reach your destination during the rush hours.
Most taxi drivers don't speak English. It helps to have your destination written in Bahasa or to show them a map. Tolls and parking fees are extra.
Information you need to know:
a. Blue Bird Taxi (021) 79171234/7941234
b. Silver Bird Taxi (021) 7981234, 7981001, 86600745
c. Express Taxi (021) 500122, 5761313, 5709009, 5709010, 5709011
d. Gamya Taxi (021) 87795555/840 3838
e. Taxiku Taxi (021) 47862121 / 3003-2121
The following is a list of several metered taxi fares in Jakarta.
a. Silver Bird
Open the Door: Rp. 15,000
Argo / Km: Rp. 8,000 - Rp. 10,000
b. Blue Bird, Gamya, and Express
Blu bird, Gamya, and Express use lower rates determined by Organda DKI Jakarta
Open the door: IDR 7,500
Argo / km: IDR 4,000 / km (IDR 400 / 100 m),
Rp. 48,000 / hour (Rp. 800 / minute).
The following are tips on how to be safe in a taxi:
1. Make sure the driver's identity matches with the driver who is driving.
2. Make sure the meter is on. If the driver says you don't want to use the meter, you better get off.
3. Use a technology with a feature that can tell your location to friends or family, send a message so that someone else is watching over you.
4. Don't turn off the phone. Make sure the it is on and prepare the speed dial of the closest people or the emergency number.
You need to remember that if you need a taxi quickly, please consider the facility for your consideration!