Motorcycle taxi services

One of easy ways to transport around Jakarta is using online transportion. Provide an option whether to take cars or we call it "Ojek", a motorcycle taxi that you can book through your cellphones. 

Take ojek if you want to go faster cut across the hustle bustle of Jakarta's traffic. Riding on a motorbike during peak hour is a good idea, as this kind of transportation much slimmer than a car and can go through smaller spaces. Has been a top choice by many, offering you several benefit such as easier in booking process, faster, the calculation of costs is more transparent, and satisfying services. Getting an Ojek is definitely a solution to get where you want to quickly and cheaply  
In Jakarta there are two big companies that run this bussines; Gojek and Grab, both giving you quite same services. How to use it? You have to download its application first and then make simple registration process, it only needs your name, contact number, and location. In ordering process, order and also mention your destination (it takes less than 5 minutes), you can expect the arrival of your driver in a few minutes. The price (you can choose to pay cash to the driver) and the driver’s profile will appear on the application. Helmet is provided.
Grab translates your conversation automatically, so don’t worry if you can’t speak the local language. .
How about the payment method? Aside from cash payment as nowadays everything is going cashless, both companies provide you mobile payment system application, Gopay for Gojek and OVO for Grab. You need to install it to your mobile phone and do registration process. The user-friendly app informs riders about the operator’s location and the total fare for your trip.

Local tip: If you want to go cashless but have trouble topping up without a local bank account, you can ask your driver to do it for you, and just give him or her the money. 
This kind of transportation does not only serve services to take passengers to their destination, also provide you services as courier delivery, buying food, order cinema tickets, or other needs. With current technological advances, only with the internet we can easily get a motorcycle taxi through a smartphone.