Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta

During the MRT trial on March 12-24, tickets were always sold out. The enthusiasm of Jakarta residents is high towards this MRT.
Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Jakarta is an infrastructure project that aims to reduce the heavy traffic congestion in the capital. Like integrated transportation in general, if you want to take MRT you need to have a payment card issued by MRT Jakarta, this card is named 'Jelajah'. It can be obtained at automatic ticket machines (ticket vending machines) or ticket counters in all Jakarta MRT stations. For a single trip Jelajah, a passenger has to pay Rp 15,000 (US$1.05). The MRT will soon issue a multi-trip Jelajah card for Rp 25,000. The card is returnable to the MRT after seven days of use as long as it's still in good condition.

The MRT has set several standard regulations on how to behave in the stations or inside the train.The MRT does not provide any garbage bins inside the train, so passengers are encouraged to manage their trash and not litter. When you inside the station, you have to follow several regulation also, when using the escalator standing on the left side of the escalator is advised for those who wish to stand still, as the right side of the escalator is spared for those who want to continue walking.
Elevators are only used for pregnant women, senior citizens or passengers with children or heavy luggage. The third and fourth car of the train is prioritized for passengers with disabilities, so other passengers are advised to choose the cars accordingly.
There are also priority seats for pregnant women, senior citizens or passengers with children in every car. Passengers are also prohibited from eating and drinking inside the train.
Jakarta MRT has also collaborated with a number of banks, both government and private.The MRT accepts electronic cash cards issued by banks such as Mandiri’s e-Money, BRI’s Brizzi and Tapcash, BCA’s Flazz and Bank DKI’s Jakcard. The JakLingko card can also be used to pay for MRT trips
Operational time starts at 05.30 a.m from Lebak Bulus Station, for the last train departure at 10.01 p.m  from Bundaran HI Station. Ticket price starts from IDR 3 thousand to IDR 14 thousand depending on the distance you choose.
The following details when traveling from Lebak Bulus to Bundaran HI:
-Lebak Bulus-Fatmawati: Rp 4 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Cipete Raya: Rp. 5 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Haji Nawi: Rp. 6 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Blok A: Rp. 7 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Blok M: Rp. 8 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-ASEAN: Rp. 9 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Senayan: Rp. 10 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Istora: Rp. 11 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Bendungan Hilir: Rp 12 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Setiabudi: Rp. 13 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Dukuh Atas: Rp. 14 thousand
-Lebak Bulus-Bundaran HI : Rp. 14 thousand

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