Light Rail Transit (LRT) Jakarta

LRT (Light Rail Transit) is predicted to be one of Jakarta's favorite public transportation. At present, the Jakarta LRT corridor is serving the Kelapa Gading to Velodrome route along 5.8 kilometers with six station strech along the route, Pengangsaan Dua Station, North Boulevard Station, South Boulevard Station, Pulomas Station, Equestrian Station and Velodrome Station with operational hours from 05.30 am to 11.00 pm.

Jakarta LRT Station has various supporting facilities such as ticketing or ticket booths, Automatic fare collection system, customer service, ticket vending machines, comfortable and clean public toilets, first aid rooms, public announcements, retail and commercial areas, elevators, escalators, prayer rooms and Nursery room.

Priority seats are provided for persons with disabilities, parents, pregnant women and children. Item holders will also be available at the top of the priority seats. Inside the train also provide passenger information display that contains a map of the track and the status of the train's position.

The train fare is set at Rp5,000 for a one-way trip without the limit distance. Passengers can purchase a ticket at the ticket booth or at Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) for Single Journey Ticket (STJ). LRT passengers could also pay by tapping e-money cards issued by its bank partners, such as Jak Lingko, JakCard (Bank DKI), Brizzi (Bank BRI), Tap Cash (Bank BNI), Flazz (Bank BCA), and eMoney (Bank Mandiri). Tap the card when you enter the gate or out from the gate.
The travel time from the Velodrome Station to Pegangsaan Dua Station will be around 13 minutes with train speeds of 55 km per hour, 2.5 minutes between the station and a gap between train arrivals of 5 minutes(Peak Hours) and 15 minutes (non peak hours).
All LRT stations will be connected to their respective feeder bus routes by Transjakarta bus rapid transit and angkot (public minivans). For present it has been connected by connecting bridge (skybridge) between the Jakarta LRT station and the Pemuda Transjakarta Shelter in the paypaid area.