Cactus garden

Cactus garden is a park that is equipped with a greenhouse building shaped and shaped like a cactus. This park presents various types of cactus and succulents from within and outside the country. Types of cacti and succulents originating from abroad, mainly imported from Belgium and Japan, while domestic cactus mostly from Bandung. Some collections include: Cleistocactus stausil as high as 10 m, Agave Parasana and Gimnogayumus Hibotan from Belgium, Opuntia Microdasys from Mexico, Notocactus Leninghausil, euphorbia Cristata, Echimocactus Grusonii and Melocactus from Japan, and many more.
The cactus garden began to be built on February 21, 1997, then in 1979, on the initiative of Mrs. Tien Soeharto, a cactus house was built for cactus cultivation and was officially opened by President Soeharto on April 20, 1980. There were around 32 types of cactus planted in accordance with the natural habitat setting which illustrates the diversity of the natural habitat that describes diversity Indonesian flora.