The Boat Mosque

Masjid Agung of Al Munada Darussalam Baiturrahman or so called Masjid Perahu, located at Jalan Casablanca No 38, Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta. The mosque was founded in the 1960s by KH Abdurrahman Masum.
The boat at this mosque as a place of Muslim ablution before sholat. Why boat shape? According to Imam Masjid, this boat symbolizes the story of the prophet Nuh and as a learning to encourage Muslims to worship.
This mosque also has some privileges where there is a giant Al-Quran 2 meters x 1 meter with a thickness of 30 cm and has an iron in accordance with Asmaul Husnah, total weight 3kg located at the top of the mosque.

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