Hause Rooftop Kitchen and Bar

Have a lunch or dinner on the top of a building now becomes a trend among urban communities, especially young people. Along with that, no wonder at this time many restaurants are placed on top of high skyscraper in Jakarta. Here it is one of the newest restaurants on the roof of the building, Hause Rooftop.
Homey ambiance which came from the restaurant, makes you feel at home that had a spacious balcony.
Indoor area comes with a unique interior. Going to the outdoor we will find a variety of ornamental plants. Here you will be accompanied also by a light breeze of the wind and the scene of the buildings around the restaurant.
In summary, Hause Rooftop become one of the cool and interesting place for you who like to capture a unique place by taking pictures.

Hause of rooftop Hor HoR