Dampu game

This traditional Betawi game is a activity that is common among children in their spare time. This game may have been rarely seen played by children now. Dampu it called.
The game played by boys and girls in Betawi. Diagram can be drawn on the ground with a pointed stone incision. Dampu diagram consists of 5 blocks, where each block contains a certain meaning of mountains, houses, and stairs. Dampu is made with a height of about 3 meters, and the widest side about 1.20 meters. Still remember how to play?
The tools are flat objects such as tiles or bricks. The players start the game by standing at the starting line facing the fist line. Together they throw the stones and should not pass or hit the fist line, the furthest from the fist line is the first player. He had to jump with one leg through the rock that was in the fist line, then back to the starting line while taking his own stone.
Let's try to play!

dampu dampu