Light Vast Lighthouse of Edam

On the Island of Edam, there stood a lighthouse called Light Vast as 65 meters. According to historical records, this lighthouse was built in 1879, under the commands of King Willem III.
Edam Lighthouse had 16 floors and were made of cast iron that has a bit fragile and potholes here and there.

From the top floor of a large light beacon is placed, the scenery was beautiful, almost the whole island could be seen surrounded by the blue sea and the boats harboring at the dockyard. We can also see the beauty of the surrounding marine of Jakarta Bay.

Written on the signboard were 2 types inscriptions, one ass written as Flare Tower of Edam DSI in 1720, the Department of Transportation Directorate General of Sea Navigation District Class I Tanjung Priok. The other one was written in detail near the lighthouse Damar Besar DSI, Position : 055730 S / 106 50 30 T, Period FL (4) 20sec, White Color, 52 Meter High Tower, Elevation 56 meters, a distance of 20 nautical miles from shoreline, built in 1879 by King Willem III of the Dutch Kingdom. Thus, the same Edam Flare Tower has another name of The Damar Flare Tower.


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