Istana anak-anak Indonesia (IAAI)

Istana anak-anak Indonesia (IAAI) Is a palace-shaped building similar in a fairy tale Cinderella.Istana can be a place to learn and play for children.
The palace is equipped with learning tools of other props which foster desire to know more. Programs are available regularly and regularly. For children who are interested to explore the art of dance, music, gamelan and pedalangan can follow the activities of education and training (diklat) seni.Untuk activities available round stage kancil equipped with an open stage that can accommodate 1000 people spectators.
For games and recreation are provided story phones, sigura-gura caves, windmill, sleigh waves, sightseeing wheels, and rabbit trains, while in the back yard are artificial waterfalls, amphitheater pools, and artificial forest. Also exhibited handicrafts Indonesian children creativity, such as paintings and photographs of children's activities.
Front yard provided healthy playing facilities, such as ball houses, swimming pools, story phones and rabbit trains, while at the back yard there are artificial waterfalls, orange jogging pools, and artificial forest. In the palace children can be free to play individually or in groups led by caregivers from school or play groups.
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