Hutan Kota Srengseng

The Forest of Srengseng City (HKS) is a dumping place with the Dug Uruk System. Then in 1994, the location of the HKS became a water catchment area and germplasm protection, and used as a place of recreation and place of community activity. A year later HKS area was determined based on the Decree of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province No. 202 of 1995. HKS in the Decree functioned as a water catchment area and germplasm, tourist sites and community activities center. Other data mentioned that HKS was realized in 1993, but there is data mentioning that the land acquisition was done in 1986 the governor of DKI Jakarta R.Suprapto precisely. Forest Development of Srengseng City is not done in a short time, but gradually by using sanitary system land fill or digging system between garbage and soil.Sanitary land fill is selected because on an area of ​​15 hectares it was once a garbage dump

HKS 01