New International Travel Regulations: Jakarta free VISA, VoA given to 43 countries

Disparekraf DKI Jakarta 07 April 2022

New International Travel Regulations: Jakarta free VISA, VoA given to 43 countries


The Government through the Director General of Immigration issues Letter with number IMI-0549.GR.01.01 which has been applied since April 6, 2022 regarding Facility of Immigration in the Framework of Supporting Sustainable Tourism During the Corona Virus Disease 2019 Pandemic. Visa on Arrival (VoA) specifically for tourism (BVKKW/VKSKKW) has been expanded, nine ASEAN countries can enter Jakarta with visa-free visits, while special VKSK tours are given to foreigners from 43 countries.

19 Immigration Checkpoints (TPI) are appointed as entrances to Indonesia. There are seven airports, eight ports and four Cross-Border Posts designated as entry points for BVKKW/VKSKKW subjects. Tourists cannot enter through other TPIs other than those specified in the Letter if they wish to use these facilities. However, for tourists who want to leave Indonesia, they can go through any TPI.

To obtain BVKKW or VKSKKW, foreigners must show a valid nationality passport and still valid for at least 6 (six) months, a return ticket or a canal ticket to continue travel to another country, proof of payment for a visa on arrival (for VKSKW), and proof of ownership insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Head of the Covid-19 Task Force.

In accordance with Government Regulation No. 28 of 2019, the VKSKKW fare is IDR500,000,- Likewise with the extension, IDR500,000. The residence permit originating from the VKSKKW can be extended once for a period of 30 days and carried out at the immigration office according to the area where the foreigner resides while in Indonesia. Residence permits from BVKKW or VKSKKW cannot be transferred together. The holder is also not allowed to apply for an extension of the residence permit through the granting of an onshore visa.

The following 43 countries can apply for a VoA for tourism: 1. South Africa 2. United States of America 3. Saudi Arabia 4. Argentina 5. Australia 6. Holland 7. Belgium 8. Brazil 9. Brunei Darussalam 10. Denmark 11. Philippines 12. Finland 13. Hungary 14. India 15. English 16. Italy 17. Japan 18. Germany 19. Cambodia 20. Canada 21. South Korea 22. Laos 23. Malaysia 24. Mexico 25. Myanmar 26. Norway 27. France 28. Poland 29. Qatar 30. New Zealand 31. Seychelles 32. Singapore 33. Spain 34. Sweden 35. Switzerland 36. Taiwan 37. Thailand 38. China 39. East Timor 40. Tunisia 41. Turkey 42. United Arab Emirates 43. Vietnamese


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