Cikini - WT

Aulia Rahma 07 January 2022

Cikini - WT

Take a walk to explore historical sites and taste authentic cuisine in a prominent neighborhood of Cikini. From the famous Joang '45 Museum to the oldest bakery in town “Roti Tan Ek Tjoan”, you will be spoiled!

1. Joang ‘45 Museum


Start the tour by visiting a historic space showcasing Indonesian history & the war of independence. In Joang ‘45 Museum you can find the classic and old Indonesia’s presidential cars.

2. Cikini Post Office

Kantor Pos Cikini - Sumber Ceknricek

With its iconic colonial architecture, you’ll find this post office easily. Once known as the Tjikini Post Kantoor. The building was built during the Dutch occupation and is still operating for postal services with 24 service hours.
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3. Bakoel Koffie

Bakoel Koffie Cikini

Grab a rich, full-bodied, and seductive coffee blend here at Bokoel Koffie. Being the oldest coffee roaster in Indonesia, this place known for its premium quality beans since 1878. 
*Photo source: Disparekraf Jakarta and Bakoel Koffie's Instagram


4. Tan Ek Tjoan Bakery

Tan Ek Tjoan Bakery

To company a fine coffee, authentic taste of bread from Tan Ek Tjoan bakery is the best option. Established in 1921, you can savor its legendary Gambang bread and Bimbam bread. All of them are favorites from the first vice president of Indonesia, Mohammad Hatta.

 5. Hasyim Ning House


Continue the tour by visiting this luxury historic house. It was built with Dutch colonial architecture and owned by famous Indonesian entrepreneur and politician, Hasyim Ning and his wife Ratna Maida, who was an activist. They were one of the figures who initiated several political parties in Indonesia which have both nationalist and religious principles.

 6. Ismail Marzuki Park 


Not far from the Hasyim Ning House, you will find the new face of Ismail Marzuki Park. A place named after Ismail Marzuki, one of Indonesia's most influential composers, is an Urban Art Center and Creative Hub. This complex comprises not only art and cultural facilities but also educational institutions. 

 7. Tjanang Ice Cream


Take a short break and savor the sweetness of legendary Tjanang ice cream. The taste of its ice cream preserved since 1951. Their signature ice cream flavor is Kopyor and Durian which was also loved by the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno.

8. Laba-laba 


Established in 1898 under the original name “De Spin”, this store was specialized in tannery and leathercraft. In 1968, the store’s name changed to Laba-Laba and since then it only focuses on reparation services for bags, shoes, luggage, etc.

9. Eerste School D te Batavia


Next, make your way to this historic school building. During the Dutch East Indies colonial era, this was the first school which intended primarily for indigenous children. Even though the name has changed to SMPN 1 state junior high school, the architecture remains the same.


10. The House of Raden Saleh

10_Rumah Raden Saleh.JPG

Don’t forget to visit this remarkable mansion which was built in the 1980s and inspired by the Callenberg Castle in Germany. As you walk up its beautiful red entrance stairs, you’ll instantly transfer into another dimension designed by renowned Indonesian painter, Raden Saleh himself.

11. RS PGI Cikini Chapel


Finish off your tour by visiting another historic building, the RS PGI Cikini chapel. Located in the same complex as the Raden Saleh mansion, this chapel was established in 1906 and has a bold European architectural style.




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