Jakarta Moslem Friendly Tourism Exhibition

Disparekraf DKI Jakarta

Jakarta Moslem Friendly Tourism Exhibition


The Jakarta Moslem Friendly Tourism Exhibition (JMFTE) is an implementation of the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency program to present event exhibitions for local and foreign tourists. JMTFE focuses on introducing products from various fields, namely travel, culinary, cosmetic, fashion and travel activities that are friendly to all people, especially Muslim tourists. Indonesia in 2019 was ranked first and in 2021 it fell 3 points as the Best Halal Travel Destination in the World according to the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI, 2021). With the population of Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim, JMFTE aims to attract the enthusiasm of tourism activists.
Facing the recovery period from the pandemic, JMFTE also focuses on making a positive impact on the image of Jakarta, as a collaborative city, Jakarta also seeks to boost the economy, especially the creative economy sector by inviting local MSMEs to participate in this JMFTE event. By inserting the silhouettes of tourist destinations in Jakarta in every JMFTE design and the presence of new destination spots such as the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) and JPO Phinisi, it is hoped that they will be able to attract tourists to explore Jakarta.


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