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Geographically, Indonesia is an archipelago with two thirds of the ocean area larger than land. It is important for us the nation's successors to know the history of Indonesia's maritime affairs. So, to find out, you can come to visit the Maritime Museum. In this place you can see the past fame of maritime defense of the archipelago. Besides that, before it was used as a museum, this place was used as a storage place for main commodities such as spices, coffee, tea, and so on by the VOC. The Maritime Museum has hundreds of collections, ranging from original to replica. The objects are classified into seven categories which are placed in different rooms.

The completeness of the ship collection is one of the most prominent advantages. In fact, the Maritime Museum is the only museum that has a collection of traditional boats and ships from all regions in Indonesia. You can see several collections of original and replica ships, ranging from the miniature of the 16th century Batavia sailing ship, the VOC ship, the Phinisi Nusantara ship typical of the Bugis people, the Sriwijaya royal ship, to the Majapahit ship. Not only that, the Maritime Museum also has a collection of ships from various countries, such as Sweden and Greece.
Museum Bahari also stores various collections of Indonesian Navy objects, cartographic collections, Onrust Island mock-ups, Nusantara maritime figures, collections of equipment belonging to past sailors, as well as folk tales and song lyrics often sung by Indonesian fishermen in the past.
If you are visiting the Old Town Area, don't miss the opportunity to stop by the Maritime Museum. It is only about 1.5 km from there.

Maritime Museum of Indonesia Location:
Jl. Ps. Ikan No.1, Penjaringan, Penjaringan, North JakartaThe cost to enter this museum is also very cheap, you know.

Children : Rp. 2000
Student  : Rp. 3000
Adult       : Rp. 5000

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday: 09.00-15.00 WIB (Monday Holidays)

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