Tidung Island

Tidung Island

Visiting Jakarta is incomplete if you don't travel to Tidung Island. Enjoy a wonderful panorama of sea ecosystem that you can see from surface of water while tracing the island.

Tidung Island is a large island which is also part of the Thousand Islands, Jakarta. It consists of two islands, namely Pulau Tidung Besar ( Greater Tidung Island)  and Pulau Tidung Kecil (Smaller Tidung Island) that are connected by a wooden brigde which has 630 meters long. Pulau Tidung Besar ( Greater Tidung Island) is inhabited island which has 3,8 km long x 300m wide. Meanwhile,  Pulau Tidung Kecil (Smaller Tidung Island) is uninhabited island and specialized the cultivation and conservation of mangroves.

Quick Facts
The Functions of Mangrove Forest on the island are able to protect from abrasion and help nature conservation efforts. At certain times, you can participate to plant mangroves on Smaller Tidung Island.

Interesting things to do on Tidung Island
Walking around to wooden bridge, connecting a greater tidung island and a smaller tidung island namely 'Love bridge' while sunset's coming, will be your favorit spot with your loved one to take selfie in wonderful and romantic scene. On love bridge, you can see and enjoy a beautiful underwater scenery as well.

Biking around the island, snorkeling and riding banana boat become  'MUST' activities that you can do. Moreover,  smooth white sand with crystal clear water and wonderful Natural panorama will be unforgettable memories for you while traveling to Tidung Island. 

If you come at right time, Participating on planting Mangrove tree on Smaller Tidung Island to prevent abrasion on the island will be another fun activity to do then.

How to get there:
1. Muara Angke
- Traditional boat (± 2-3 hours)  Estimated Cost:  50.000 IDR
Operating Hours:= 1 day 1 boat (one-way), Monday-Friday, At 08.00 a.m

-  Express Bahari Ferry (±1,5 hours) (Estimated cost: IDR 85.000,00)
Operating Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

2. Speed Boat in Marina Pier,  Ancol (Estimated cost: 100.000 IDR-300.000 IDR)
Operating Hours: Everyday, at 07.00 a.-16.00 p.m

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