Putri Island

Putri Island

No need to go far abroad to enjoy nature tourism, in Jakarta itself has natural attractions surrounded by the ocean and beautiful panorama. One of the natural attractions in Jakarta is in the Kepulauan Seribu which gives beautiful islands located north of Jakarta Bay. The Kepulauan Seribu has been dubbed the Maldiven Van Java, which means the beauty of tropical islands such as the Maldives. One of the islands that attract tourists is Putri Island.


The name of Putri Island is indeed as beautiful as a princess. Putri Island offers beautiful views of the underwater world that can spoil the eyes and soothe the soul such as the spread of white sand, ornamental fish aquariums, underwater aquariums, tennis courts, and monitor lizards in mini zoos. In addition, Putri Island is an ideal island for swimming, snorkeling and diving. Recreational facilities are quite complete such as Undersea Tunnel Aquarium, Glass Bottom Boat, Sunset Cruise, clear waters and beautiful natural scenery.


Dense daily activities and requires refreshing, Putri Island is the right choice. Why? Check out the explanation of some of the best facilities for tourists:


1. Undersea Tunnel Aquarium

Putri Island is the only island that has a Undersea Tunnel Aquarium. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and fish that adorn the tunnel. Undersea Tunnel Aquarium is a place that tourists favorite.


2. Glass Bottom Boat

Besides offering underground tunnel facilities, it turns out that Putri Island has a Glass Bottom Boat, which invites tourists to also enjoy the underwater around the island. Glass Bottom Boat in the form of a boat with a capacity of 30 people that has a passenger seat and is equipped with a bench seat and ship walls as a window coated with thick glass and invisibility directly into the sea.


3. Sunset Cruise

Seeing the beautiful sunset is a dream of tourists while on vacation on the island or the beach. Puteri Island spoiled tourists by providing Sunset Cruise facilities. This facility will take tourists to tour several thousand islands closest to Putri Island for approximately 60 minutes while enjoying the beautiful sunset on Putri Island.


After enjoying the facilities to visit the natural attractions on Putri Island, tourists are also provided a place to stay, namely Putri Island Cottage. The types of cottages that can be found such as stage style, levels, and ordinary buildings such as houses. There are two new cottage buildings on the water (Floating).


Transportation to Putri Island


1. Transjakarta (to get to Marina Ancol Port)

Using Transjakarta with the final destination Ancol Shelter. After that, you can continue by walking, it takes for 1 km or use an online motorcycle taxi with the destination Marina Ancol. Port.


2. After arriving at Marina Ancol Port, for the route to the Putri Island can use the ship located at Marina Ancol Port. The ship starts at 07.00 WIB (morning). It is best to arrive at Marina Ancol Port 30 minutes before 07.00 WIB. The journey to Putri Island is approximately 90 minutes. The tourists will be presented with natural beauty along the ocean.