The Indocraft 2019

Indocraft is one of the leading trade shows for the batik and handicraft industry in Indonesia. The 2019 Indocraft exhibition will be held on:
Date: 30 October - 3 November 2019.
Venue: Jakarta Convention Center
This event was organized by Debindo with support from the Government, an association of handicraft producers that promoted the development of the handicraft industry in Indonesia.
The aim of Indocraft is to promote and expand the quality of handicrafts, batik, and fashion markets throughout the country. The exhibition will gather supplies of handicrafts, manufacturers and professionals involved in works of art, crafts and fashion.
In addition to exhibitions, the Indocraft exhibition will also present creative arts demonstrations and lively craft activities to motivate, delight, and touch the hearts of art and craft lovers.
For more information, visit
  • Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)
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