Skyscraper (Thamrin)

Starting point  : Ministry of Tourism
Ending point   : Kendal Tunnel
Duration : 3 hours
Distance : 2.9 kms
Points of interest:
1. Arjuna Wijaya Statue
An epic story of Mahabarata where Arjuna is holding his bow with Batara Kresna on Garuda-headed chariot drawn by eight horses as a symbol of Asta Brata, a philosophy of leadeship. This statue made by a well-known sculptor, I Gede Nyoman Nuarta who also made a statue in front of the National Museum and the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue in Bali
2. MH Thamrin Statue
Muhammad Husni Thamrin was a politician and hero who fought for the rights of the Batavia people during the Dutch occupation through the Volksraad (People's Council) and was also recognized as a prominent figure in football.
3. Bank Indonesia
Known as De Javasche Bank, it was established by the Dutch East Indies Government as a circulation bank in charge of printing and circulating money which was later nationalized to become Bank Indonesia (1950) serving as the central bank.
4. Kopi Oey Restaurant
A restaurant with various Indochina menus initiated by renowned Indonesian culinary practitioners, Bondan Winarno. This restaurant has also been visited by Han Solo (Harisson Ford) when visiting Indonesia. In the style of the past, it takes us back to the past.
5. Sakura Anpan Bakery
A classic bakery on Jalan Sabang which is famous for its Black Forest and is always visited by loyal customers even though it has entered the second generation of families who started this bakery
6. Duta Suara Music Store
Music shop that was founded in 1970 and achieved great success in the 80-90s. Although competing vigorously with digital music, Duta Suara still shows its existence by always being up to date on the development of the music world
7. Sarinah Department Store
When Indonesia's First President greatly valued his caregivers, then the name of Sarinah was pinned at the first shopping center in Jakarta which was built in 1961 to welcome the 4th Asian Games
8. Wisma Nusantara Building
The First Skyscrapet in Jakarta with its height 100m and became a prototype for anti-earthquake’s second generation for Japan’s Skyscraper.
9. Welcoming Statue
A pair of statues located in the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout with a height of 17m became a means to welcome athletes who came from the direction of Kemayoran Airport in the framework of the 4th Asian Games in Indonesia.
10. Hotel Indonesia
The hotel, which was built to house athletes from member countries of the 4th Asian Games held in Jakarta, has become a hotel icon for the city of Jakarta
11. Kendal Tunnel
Tunnel that interesting to visit, because before this was a public road. However, because of its strategic location, it is close to the KRL, MRT and Airport Train lines making this location suitable for pedestrians who work daily using public transportation and want to enjoy the artsy area.