Pasar Baru 3

Starting point  : Juanda Station
Ending point    : Antara Gallery
Duration : 2-3 jam
Distance : 2 km
Points of interest:
1. Soto Padang Mangkuto
A legendary West Sumatran dish established in 1966 in Jakarta. Soto Padang is a soup contains sliced crispy beef, glass noodles, fried potato cakes, and fried onion also celery with savory cow fat. It is tasty with thick soup and cow fat and broth.
2. Lee Ie Seng
It is one of conveniene stores in Pasar Baru with its original building from 1875. Pasar Baru is one of the first markets selling goods with fixed price. Stores that sell sports equipments, musical instruments, clothes and shoes, fabrics, school utensils, until vegetables, and fruits.
3. Bistro bakery
One of Pasar Baru’s tastiest bakery! It is very modest from the outside but the bread is fresh and delicious with affordable price.
4. PNIEL Church
Built in 1913-1915 by Cuypers and Hulswit, this church’s original name was “New Church”. However, because of the rooster on top of the church, people called it “Haantjes Kerk” or “Gereja Ayam”.
5. Bakmi Gang Kelinci
It started with a modest noodle cart in 1957. The name came from the street where the cart located in 1962. Its delish chicken noodle makes it one of the must-try dishes in Pasar Baru.
6. Cakwe Ko Atek
Titled as one of the most delicious cakue (Chinese fried churro). Its personal recipe since 1970 makes it one of the main street foods in Pasar Baru.
7. Sin Tek Bio (Dharma Jaya)
Built in 1698, this temple has Hok Tek Ceng Sin or the God of the Earth as its host God among other Gods. Temples are often found near a market to create balance in life.
8. Toko Kompak
It is believed that the building was built in the mid 19th century as one of the Chinese mayor’s residences in Batavia. If you look closely to the writing “Toko Kompak” above the front door, you will find “Sin Siong Wouw” inscripted on the wall whi was the name of the store prior its changing to Toko Kompak.
9. Antara Gallery
Pay attention to the writing on the exterior of the building. It says: “Indonesian proclamation was broadcast to other countries from this building.” That tells the importance of this building in Indonesian history of indepence because this building was a news agency.

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