Starting point : Suropati Park
Ending point  : Cut Meutia Mosque
Duration : 3 hours
Distance : 2.7 kms
Points of interest:
1. Suropati Park
This park was built during the Dutch period in Jakarta and originally was named Burgemeester Biscopplein which means the mayor Bischop’s square who was Batavia’s first mayor. His official residence still exists on the corner of the park that became Jakarta’s governor official residence. Around the park, we can also find the residence of ambassador of United States of America for Indonesia, the official residence of Indonesia’s vice president, also the residence of The Commander of Indonesian National Armed Forces. In the park, there are art installations created by artists from five founding countries of ASEAN and Brunei Darussalam.
2. Museum of Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence
One of the most historical buildings in the history of Indonesia’s independence. In this house, the founding fathers gathered and conceptualized the proclamation of independence to be declared in in Sukarno’s house the morning.
3. 01 Menteng Elementary School/Obama’s School
this elementary school is also known as Besuki Elementary School (from the street’s name, Besuki street). It was opened in 1934 and has become the school for a lot of prominent figures, such as the children of Indonesia’s second president, Suharto, also America’s 44th president, Barack Obama during his stay in Jakarta in 1969 until 1971.
4. Teuku Umar Boulevard
From the boulevard, we can see the redeince of one of Indonesia’s richest men, Chaerul tanjung and the residence of the first Indonesian who became the mayor of Jakarta, Suwiryo. We can also see the residence of the fifth president of Indonesia from afar, Megawati Sukarnoputri.
5. Indonesia’s second president’s residence, Suharto
Cendana Street is a closed area during the new order because this is where the president lived. Now, we can see the exterior of his private house. Eventhough there is not much going on, but it is still guarded by security guards. Imagine how busy this street was during his regime from 1966 until 1998.
6. Tugu Kunstkring
This magnificent and grand building is the gate of Menteng and was built in the early 20th century. It became the headquarter and gallery for the art community of the Europeans, Kunstkring. It was once an immigration office of Jakarta Pusat until 1995, now it is a fine dining restaurant and an art gallery also a souvenir shop.
7. Cut Meutia Mosque
Initially, the building was not for praying, it was an office of the developer who was responsible in building Menteng area, N.V. Bouwploeg. Hence, the now-mosque building does not face Makkah. In the main hall, you can see “hanging” stairs because the stairs have been removed to make a space for the worshippers.