12 Cultural Arts Events will be Held in East Jakarta

A total of 12 cultural arts events will be held by East Jakarta Tourism and Culture Sub-Dept throughout the year 2018. This activity is an annual routine with funded from City Budget (APBD) DKI Jakarta. Head of East Jakarta Tourism and Culture Sub-Dept, Iwan Henry Wardhana said the event is one of the efforts to preserve the culture to be sustainable. "One way to preserve the arts of culture, we hold 12 arts and cultural activities.This activity has also been budgeted in the city budget and will be started in April" said Iwan Friday (23/3).
Based from Him, in the near future his side will hold Abang None candidates selection and its final night will be held on April 27. Then the coaching of art and culture in RPTRA and flats. "Moreover, there are cultural gebyar Betawi which held on 22, 23, 24 June," he said. 
Besides, East Jakarta Theater Appreciation event will also held on August 5-11 and religious art competition on August 28-29. "There is appreciation and art competition for kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school students on September 4-5," he said.
Others art performances selected city level and culture arts events which held in East Jakarta. Both of these activities are hold around this year from January to December.