Gedung Joang 45

gd joang

In this museum can be seen traces of the struggle of independence of Indonesia with a collection of heritage objects of the Indonesian fighters. Among these are official car of First President and Vice President of RI known as car REP 1 and REP 2, and Car Event Bombing in Cikini. In addition there is also a collection of photographs of documentation and paintings depicting the struggle around the year 1945-1950s. Some of the struggle figures are displayed also in the form of chest statues.

Facilities available for visitors to Museum Joang '45 There is a Permanent Exhibition Room and Temporary with a multi media corner,
Joang 45 Cinema, Studio of Documentary Movies and Movies of Old Struggle. A library of scientific history references, with comic books for children's reading, Childrenroom, a special space for children's creativity with computer games of heroes, coloring, puzzles, and knock-down games, Foto Studio, provides costumes for visitors and instant photos. Souvenir Shop.