Tourism Potential in Seribu Islands will Be Maximized

Jakarta Governor, Basuki T Purnama said Seribu Islands’ tourism can be maximized. Even the luxury tourist resort could attract the domestic and foreign tourist.

"Tourism in Seribu Islands can be maximized," he stated, during executive meeting (rapim) at City Hall, Monday (8/1).

Seribu Islands that located near from the capital is very interested for the tourist. Thus the luxury lodging can be developed with rental price of Rp 10 million per night. "We can sell resort with a price of Rp 10 million per night," he disclosed.

Basuki also plans to recruit graduates from the College of Fisheries in Pasar Minggu. They were asked to develop aquaculture in the islands. "I've asked the graduates to participate in Pasar Minggu to develop aquaculture," he expressed.

They will be given capital first, with the system for 80-20 percent profit. According to him, cultivation is already becoming obsolete. And with the cultivation is much easier to get the fish.

"I want to there is extensive cultivation. There must be cultivation in all islands by involving local residents," he closed.

Reported by Erna Martiyanti | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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