Macan Island

Macan Island
Macan Island is a resort in the Thousand Islands which can be reached 90 minutes from the Marina Pier, Ancol. This island has an eco resort village concept that prioritizes relaxation for visitors.
The scenery resembles the countryside which stores an element of simplicity being a favorite especially for foreign tourists.
Another beauty that can be found from this island is the exotic view that allows visitors to see the sunset directly from the room.
The area of ​​the island is less than one hectare, making it exclusive because it is limited by the number of visitors per day which is less than forty people.
Interesting Things Can Be Found on Macan Island
1. Lodging facilities for overnight stays
Some boarding facilities on this island include the club house which is the main building for enjoying dishes that are served buffet. Bamboo bar and Sundeck for guests who want to chat while sunbathing in the sun.
2. Water sports facilities
Tiger Island is famous for its underwater beauty, where there are many Nemo Fish habitats. Therefore it cannot be missed just like that. Visitors can explore the underwater with snorkeling and diving activities. Besides that, other water sports activities that can be enjoyed are canoe and wind surfing.
3. Coral Planting
This activity is part of the preservation of nature to protect the environment and the sustainability of the habitat of living things at sea. Visitors are given the opportunity to plant new corals around the island.
How to Reach Location
Transportation can be reached from,
1. Marina Pier, Ancol (estimated tariff: IDR 100.000-IDR 300.000)
From Marina Marina, Ancol it takes at least 1.5 to 2 hours and using speed boat.
Jadwal operasional: Setiap hari, 07.00 - 16.00 WIB

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