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  • 01-01-1970
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The West Indonesia Protestant Church (GPIB) Tugu is a Portuguese legacy that still remains in Tugu Village, North Jakarta. The monument church is one of the oldest churches in Jakarta as well as a Portuguese heritage that still exists. This red-colored building was built in 1747 and inaugurated in 1748.

Next to the church there is a community cemetery in Kampung Tugu. If you visit this place, you will see the inside of the church which is filled with large European-style windows. While at the front, there are four supporting pillars which are still original since the building was founded in 1748.

The uniqueness of this building is its pointed roof. This is based on the location of heaven in the sky. Not only that, there is the Cakung river that faces the church. In the past, the river was often used as a mode of transportation for the Portuguese.
In this building there are also a number of historical relics that still exist and have not changed until now. For example, the pulpit to the door hinges are still the same since Portuguese times. Not only that, right next to the church, you can see the bells that still exist from before. However, the bell is only a replica because the original bell is kept in the side room of the church.

Tugu Village, Semper Barat, Clincing, North Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta