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  • 01-01-1970
  • 01-01-1970
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Taman Prasasti Museum
Taman Prasasti Museum is a museum of cultural heritage from the Dutch colonial era which has ± 862 collections of ancient tombstone inscriptions and Dutch Colonial tombs. This 1.2 hectare museum is a museum that displays works of art about sculptures, calligraphers, and also a pilgrimage to the burial ground from the Dutch Colonial. This museum is perfect for studying history during the Dutch colonial era.

Tourist attractions
·   Photo spot
The existence of various statues and buildings with European-style architecture standing firmly in the Taman Prasasti Museum is one of the right targets to serve as a photo background.
·   Architecture:
When entering the park area, you will immediately be greeted by a large colonnaded gate in the typical Greek Doria style.

·       Toilet
·       Islamic Prayer Room
·       Auditorium
·       Parking (Parking is available (limited) for motorbikes and small cars in the front yard of the Museum Prasasti. Other parking areas are available in the parking lot of the  building to the North (KONI Office, Central Jakarta). Visitor access through the main entrance.

Entrance ticket
·    Adult                            IDR 5,000
·    Students                      IDR 3,000
·    Children / Students      IDR 2,000

How to get there:
·  Busway
Harmoni and Monas stops
·  Train
Tanah Abang Station then take the Mikrolet 08
·       Day
Tuesday - Sunday
·       Opening hours
09.00 - 15.00 (Closed holidays)
Jl. Tanah Abang I No. 1 Petojo Sel., Gambir, Central Jakarta
Phone :  + 6221 3854060
Email  :