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An oriental style house located at Jalan Gajah Mada No.188, West Jakarta. Formerly the house owned by the Chinese Major in Batavia.
The Candra Naya building was built by Khouw Tian Sek, estimated in 1807 or the year of the rabbit. to welcome the birth of her son in 1808. The name Candra Naya in the year of the rabbit at that time came from a painting with the inscription using the Han character which means "In autumn in the year of the rabbit". The owner and occupant of this building was originally a major, namely Khouw Kim An.

Khouw Kim An was born in Batavia on June 5, 1879. He is fluent in Dutch even though he studied at the Hokkien school. Khouw Kim An became one of the founders of Tiong Hwa Hwe Kwan, Jakarta which was founded in 1900. In 1905 Khouw Kim An was given the rank of lieutenant by the Dutch, and three years later he was promoted to captain, and was promoted again to major in 1910. That's why Candra Naya used to be called the Mayor's House.
 In 1946 this building served as a clinic for the origin of Sumber Waras Hospital. This building was also used by Sin Ming Hui as an elementary, middle, and high school building. In 1965, Sin Ming Hui changed its name to "Tjandra Naja Social Coordination". and in the 1960's to 1970's Candra Naya was the venue for high-class weddings

One of the uniqueness of this building is that in the area in the main house the roof is made of glass and is the main access to sunlight entering the house. The roof was made since the house was built. The glass that is used as a roof is a substitute for tian jin, or sky well in Chinese philosophical terms.
until now the Candra Naya Building has become a Cultural Heritage and its historical traces are well preserved, even though it is sandwiched in the middle of the building.
Then what about the last Chinese Major in Batavia?
It turned out that Khouw did not fare well at the end of his life. When the Japanese entered Indonesia, Khouw was detained in a concentration camp and died there on February 13, 1945. You can find his grave in the Petamburan tomb complex. There are the tombs of the Khouw family, including O.G. Khouw, Khouw Kim An's cousin who is famous as a wealthy businessman and a philanthropist.

Now, Chandra Naya is included in the superblock residential complex of PT. Modernland Realty Tbk. However, Chandra Naya is under the supervision of the DKI Jakarta Tourism Office.
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To enter the house is FREE, but not allowed to take pictures with high resolution cameras.
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Every day from 07.00 - 17.00 WIB
Jalan Gajah Mada No. 188, West Jakarta