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  • 01-01-1970
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The National Gallery of Indonesia stores, collects and exhibits fine art works such as paintings, sketches, graphics, sculptures, ceramics, photography, crafts and installation art.
Currently the National Gallery of Indonesia has around 1785 collections of works by Indonesian and international artists, including; Raden Saleh, I Ketut Soki, Wassily Kand Insky (Russia), Hans Hartung (Germany), Victor Vassarely (Hungary), Sonia Delauney (Ukraine), Pierre Saulages (Parncis), Zao Wou Ki (China). In addition, there are also works of artists from Sudan, India, Peru, Cuba, Vietnam, Myanmar and others.


The scope of activities of the National Gallery are carrying out exhibitions (permanent and temporary), carrying out preservation (conservation, restoration), acquisition and documentation, seminars, discussions, workshops, performance art, film / video screenings, festivals, competitions, and others who are pleased with the improvement of understanding, skills and appreciation of fine arts. The National Gallery of Indonesia also provides collection and guilding research services for students.



The location of The National Gallery of Indonesia:
Jl. Medan Merdeka No.14, Gambir, Central Jakarta.