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  • 01-01-1970
  • 01-01-1970
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This theatre building, built resembling a giant golden snail, is a theatre showing specially made movies utilizing sophisticated pieces of equipment such as IMAX projectors. The building, inaugurated on 20 April 1984, doesn't only show educational movies from Indonesia. Nowadays, several foreign movies make their way into the show listings at Teater Keong Mas.

The building, serving as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah's icon, doesn't only function as a movie theatre. Other events could also be held here, like Porseni, Pameran and Bazzar, even weddings. Let's take the family to Teater Keong Mas this weekend!

Teater Keong Mas Price admission: Rp. 35.000 - Rp. 60.000
Hours of operation: 09.00 am - 05.00 pm