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Visiting The Sacred Grave of Mbah Priok

Habib Hasan Al Haddadatau or usually called  Mbah Priuk is a big Islamic religious figure from Jakarta. On 1756, when he was 29 years old, he died bcause of an accident in the sea. It is said that Mbah Priuk's body was accompanied by hundreds of dolphins to the coast of Tanjung Priuk and was finally buried in Pondok Dayung.

Among the people, the grave of Mbah Priok is known as one of the sacred grave. That is because by the community, Mbah Priok is considered a "wali" or "aulia" who has a close relationship with God.

In the grave area, there is a room or hall which is used for the people to pray together, there is also a pool whose water is believed to bring blessings. To come to Mbah Priok Tomb, visitors are required to wear polite clothes, namely long pants / skirts and long sleeves and a veil for women.
There is a large parking area around Mbah Priok's grave . This is because until now, Mbah Priuk's grave has always been visited by groups of pilgrims from all over the Indonesia who usually use buses and large cars.

How to get there:
To visit the grave of Mbah Priok, you can directly come to the address Jl. Jampea No.6, RW.1, Koja, Tj. Priok, North Jakarta.
For those who want to use public transportation, you can use the Jakarta Tour Bus (double-decker bus) heading for Juanda - Mbah Priok Tomb (corridor BW6). This bus departs right in front of the Istiqlal Mosque gate.