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Pilgrimage Tourism to Habib Abdurrahman's bin Abdullah Al Habsyi Grave (Habib Cikini's Grave)

Habib Abdurrahman bin Abdullah Al Habsyi was a religious scholar who practiced Islamic teachings in Batavia (a city now called Jakarta). Habib Abdurrahman has a complete lineage, namely Habib Abdurrahman bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Husein bin Abdurrahman bin Husein bin Abdurrahman bin Al Hadi bin Ahmad Shahib Syi'ib bin Muhammad Al Ashghar bin Alwi bin Abubakar Al Habsyi. Habib Abdurrahman bin Abdullah Al Habsyi is also known as Habib Cikini.

Habib Abdurrahman was born from the Al Habsyi family in the Al Hadi bin Ahmad Shahib Syi'ib family branch and is the first generation of his family lineage born in the archipelago. Habib Abdurrahman is also the father of Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman al-Habsyi or also known as Habib Ali Kwitang.

During his life, Habib Abdurrahman was a close friend of Raden Saleh's drawing maestro. Habib Abdurrahman also married Syarifah Rogayah binti Husein bin Yahya who was the younger brother of Raden Saleh. But because he was not blessed with descendants, he remarried to Hajah Salmah from Jatinegara.

Habib Abdurrahman died in 1296 H / 1879 AD and was buried at Jalan Kramat No. 5 Cikini, Central Jakarta located not far from the back door of Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM). Habib Abdurrahman's tomb is also one of the cultural reserves in DKI Jakarta.

How to Get There

1. TransJakarta Bus (3.500 IDR)
Take the TransJakarta Bus from the Harmoni Bus Stop with the Harmoni - PGC route, Corridor 5C, then get off at the Kramat Sentiong NU Bus Stop. From the Kramat Sentiong NU bus stop you can walk to the location which is about 750 meters away and takes approximately 9 minutes. Apart from walking, you can also use online transportation to location which costs around 13.000 IDR - 25.000 IDR.